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goop_headerI am having a GOOP issue. Perhaps it’s because Gwennie worries that if I have easy access to stuff I find vaguely interesting in her newsletters, I will mock the former actress turned internet self help pioneer?  I cannot promise a GOOP mock free zone (’cause some of the stuff on there is begging for it), but right now, I just really want to read the damn interview with Dr. Frank Lipman.

Months ago I tried signing up for the GOOP newsletter via email, but nothing ever made its way to my inbox. I check my junk mail folder. No GOOP there. So I try to just navigate the site to see what kind of fabulous bibs and bobs the Hollywood set are into, and if something strikes my fancy, I end up following a broken link.

I can only find a VERY short excerpt of Dr. Lipman’s interview on Cult Beauty Blog, and I would really like to read the whole thing and not because I think it sounds mock-tastic. I am genuinely interested in what he has to say. He has credentials!