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carrots_night_creamI have been hearing forever about the Yes to Carrots brand.  The product line is supposed to be so fabulous that it has the “cult beauty editor” following.  So when I saw it sitting at my local Walgreen’s, I snatched up their C Thru the Night Moisturizing Cream.

The ingredient list was so promising–carrot seed oil, cucumber water, Dead Sea  water, hyaluronic acid and other really sensational ingreds–that I was psyched to try this skin care cocktail. Since I am a bit of a product snob, to find a drugstore brand I could really get behind would be  a Very Big Deal indeed.

Then I opened it…  There is some sort of fragrance in there (listed only as “fragrance” in the ingredient list) that made me begin question applying it to my skin.

It was not completely awful scent exactly, just kind of flowery with a slight undernote of chemical. Since I have a pretty sensitive sniffer, I held my nose and applied every night for two weeks. The result was a very angry chin and jaw line–with several small pustules popping up. Disaster.