Copper-penniesNormally, I don’t get mad at myself for buying a beauty item in the name of research, even if it sucks. But I feel like a jackass about this one since I knew it was going to turn out to be a bust.

I was at Bed Bath and Beyond buying a simple bathmat, when they nailed me with a huge bedding sale right next to the check out. First I discovered a full-on sheet set that was infused with Dead Sea Minerals, but I wasn’t ready to drop close to $300 on sheets that weren’t 600 threat count Egyptian cotton.

And then I spotted the pillow. For 20 bucks, I could have the “Power of Copper!”

The Spa Therapy Beauty Pillow is made by Cupron Technologies. The claim is that there are copper filaments woven into the pillowcase. Copper is an incredible skin regenerating metal, and apparently  the idea to hatch the “Spa Therapy Beauty Pillow” came from Cupron’s work in the health care sector, weaving this copper into the gauze used on burn victims.

When I pulled the pillow out of the bag and began examining it, I was worried that the label said “100 percent polyester” with no mention of this special copper. Online, the claim is that the pillow has 15% polyester woven with this copper. My pillowcase label says nothing about this Cupron copper. Hmm.

The pillow itself is a bust. It’s really uncomfortable and has no give to it whatsoever. Of course, I could swap out the case on one of my comfy pillows and get what I assume would be the same results. The pillowcase is the one infused not the pillow itself.

But damn that case is scratchy! Perhaps the secret to this pillowcase’s “proven results” is exfoliation. Because after three nights of sleeping on the itchy case, the sucker is destined for the trash heap. So much for beauty sleep.

Better bet for using the power of copper? Apply a copper peptide-infused product to your face before bed, and sleep on a silk pillowcase to keep the sleep creases at bay.