Dangerous-Girl-eJen over at Mythbuster Beauty has a great post about beauty product reviews. I really love her site–it’s informative, entertaining, and I think she has good product taste!

Posing the question “who can you trust,” she asks her readers to be skeptical of reviews,  even of her! Agreed! Product reviews and recommendations with skin care are tricky. Everyone’s skin reacts different, and even under my mag lamp, sometimes it can be hard to figure out what the skin will tolerate. And when I blog my recommendations, or (more importantly) when I am trying out a new line to retail and use on clients, it’s often based on my own reaction to a product. If I know I will react poorly based on my skin type and ingredients, I will ask someone to test it out for me. (Usually my mother-in-law! That woman is now swimming in product).

When I was a beauty editor, it was a given that product mentions were often contingent on ad dollars spent. Mass market companies received plenty of editorial endorsements since they had the budget to buy big ads. And since many big cosmetic companies spent the past decade or so on a boutique brand buying spree, it stands to reason that these boutique brands gain more editorial clout. And as the ad dollars continue to decline at the glossies, keeping those advertisers happy is really about survival.

PS–this image was just too brilliant to resist! All skeptics go to hell! WHEE! See y’all there!