DakarDryingPotionRemember how I told you about my deplorable face washing situation a few week ago? Well, I am now paying the piper and breaking out.

I picked up a bottle of Sonya Dakar’s Drying Potion during the beauty show in April. It’s a zip zapping remedy that Hollywood stars use to get red carpet ready. I am a sucker for Drew Barrymore, so when she was name-dropped by the sales rep, I had to pick it up. She suggested using only on the pimples that already came to a head–even better if it was applied post-extraction. It works.

Dab it on before going to sleep (it leaves your skin white, so you won’t want to head out of the house like this) and in the morning, the offending pimple is much MUCH smaller. Is it a magic elixir? Nope, but it does clear a breakout up much faster (in my case, 48 hours).

Here’s what I don’t like… First ingredient is SD Alcohol, which will dry your skin right out. Which is why I think this a good product to use in case of emergency. On an ongoing basis, I think skin would be best served with something milder.