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DakarDryingPotionRemember how I told you about my deplorable face washing situation a few week ago? Well, I am now paying the piper and breaking out.

I picked up a bottle of Sonya Dakar’s Drying Potion during the beauty show in April. It’s a zip zapping remedy that Hollywood stars use to get red carpet ready. I am a sucker for Drew Barrymore, so when she was name-dropped by the sales rep, I had to pick it up. She suggested using only on the pimples that already came to a head–even better if it was applied post-extraction. It works.

Dab it on before going to sleep (it leaves your skin white, so you won’t want to head out of the house like this) and in the morning, the offending pimple is much MUCH smaller. Is it a magic elixir? Nope, but it does clear a breakout up much faster (in my case, 48 hours).

Here’s what I don’t like… First ingredient is SD Alcohol, which will dry your skin right out. Which is why I think this a good product to use in case of emergency. On an ongoing basis, I think skin would be best served with something milder.


pPilatesSalesmanJust stumbled on this post on the NYTimes site since it hit number 1 most emailed.

Apparently there is new research that debunks a popular study that caused a boom in core training with the focus on the transverse abdominis. The writer, Gretchen Reynolds, says that this particular study gave rise to pilates with the idea that strengthening the deep core muscles will help ease back pain. However, she reports that new research shows that focusing only on this deep core muscle can cause all sorts of damage. She goes on to detail a few exercises that will build ab muscles as well as those surrounding  the core.

OK, fine. Here’s my issue. She lumps pilates into the danger training zone when, in reality, if you are doing pilates properly, you will build the core muscles as well as the ones surrounding and supporting the core. The exercises she details are ALL exercises I have done in my pilates training. If you are working with the right trainer, you learn that core does not sit on abs alone, and that you go through the workouts in a corset mindset–working the muscles that surround and pull the core together (as well as the butt, thighs, arms, etc). One of the most important takeaways from my hours of training has nothing to do with the core and is lat focused.

When I started looking at pilates workouts, I began with Mari Windsor, whose method is so damn convoluted that it’s a wonder I didn’t cripple myself. A few months ago I tried to do one of my old Windsor Pilates DVDs and found that I could not follow the exercises because my one-on-one pilates training ran completely counter to what she was doing.

So if you are practicing McPilates, there is a very good chance that Ms. Reynolds’ reporting should make you reconsider your training options. But if you are working with a good trainer with a solid background, pilates can help ease backpain, improve posture and make your body stronger all around.

In other words, the old baby/bathwater cliche is apropos.

PoisonBottleUh oh. Clarcon Labs is issuing a “voluntary recall” of its products after the FDA found high levels of disease causing bacteria festering in their potion bottles. The FDA is particularly troubled by  this since Clarcon makes products that are supposed to act as sanitizers (oh irony). Some products recalled are used on open wounds.

List of problematic products can be found here. Toss em if ya got em.

I am going to admit something…  I have been so exhausted the past week, I have gone to sleep without washing my face. Horror! I know I will pay for it in a few weeks.

To be honest, while I love the products I am using and definitely see results, I think that I may be missing that one product that makes me excited to get off the couch and go wash my face.

I see this often in the treatment room–when clients tell me they often skip the evening wash, I ask them how much they love their product. Is there anything in the bathroom that makes them want to rush home and slather it all over their face? When they look at me like I am nuts, so I know I am onto something.

It can be a great texture, a sensational scent or simply a glow that comes post-use. Whatever it is, there needs to be one product in your arsenal that makes you feel like a kid in a candy store.

I love playing cosmetic chemist in my bathroom, and I don’t think that I have allowed myself enough time to just play with the oodles of different products I have strewn around the house. It is certainly not for want of product. But I need make time to sit down with each bottle and jar and figure out what the product claims in its marketing vs. what the ingredient formulation tells me it can actually do. Then I get excited about the possibilities. My Product Fatigue Syndrome vanishes.