I am a very naughty blogger. After a month of promos at the spa, it was full on holiday mode.  Then there was a whole blog re-think. What do I want this to be? Why am I compelled (or not) to do it? And why the hell am I paying for it?

So, after several months of thinking about it (I am a Libra after all; nothing is done without a very large think), here I am in a new home on WordPress. I loved TypePad, but we are in a recession, after all, and the few extra bucks a month I was tossing to them could be put to better use…  Like buying more beauty products for my overstuffed bathroom cupboard!

So the TypePad posts have been exported here. Although the formating is wonky, they are readable. Maybe one day I will fix them… In the mean time, loads of product to catch everyone up on. I look forward to my faithful readers returning, and making some new friends in the WordPress world.