That’s pretty much what I have been saying about my blog posts lately.  I finally found a spa job (yay!) but it has definitely taken some schedule adjustment balancing the day job with the spa job and all my other
commitments.  So the blog took a back seat for the past few weeks.

 So at my new spa job over the past week, I heard several iterations of “I’ve been meaning to get around to it” in regards to exfoliating. 

Judging from my very casual market research, most of you are not exfoliating regularly.

 If you are twenty something, it probably is not that big of a deal. Your skin cells are turning over every 28 days, approximately.  However, as you age, skin cell turnover slows down, eventually sloughing off every 48 days or so. Big difference. Without regular cellular turn over, skin looks dull and lifeless, and can clog your pores and lead to acne.

My recommendation is to ease into the exfoliation.  You can use chemical or mechanical means (i.e. peels or grains). Pick one night a week (mine is Sunday) and dedicate an extra five minutes to getting your exfoliating on. Once you get into this groove and see how your skin takes to the product, you can ease into an extra exfoliating day, and then perhaps add one more.  I do not recommend exfoliating more than three times a week—sometimes there really is too much of a good thing.




Since I have access to
professional peels, I usually use what’s in my spa pantry.  But one of my favorite chemical
exfoliators is
MyChelle’s Apple Brightening Peel, which I found at Whole Foods.
Malic acid (found in apples) is a very gentle alpha hydroxy acid, which helps
treat fine lines and hyperpigmentation.


If you use a topical
Vitamin A prescription or your skin is very reactive, keep away from the
chemicals and stick to a very gentle scrub once a week.  Look for scrubs with jojoba beads like
such as
LATHER Sweet Almond Exfoliating Cream.  The spherical jojoba beads won’t scratch the skin like the
crushed nut-based exfoliators, which have jagged edges.


And now that you are
exfoliating regularly, don’t forget your daily SPF.