How cool is this? Ellen
DeGeneres is the new spokesmodel for Cover Girl. Easy, breezy, beautiful
indeed!  A big kudos for Cover Girl
for making this inspired choice.

I am generally pretty meh on
celebrity cosmetic endorsements. 
The cosmetics industry loves their celebrities and, with very few
exceptions, the large, most visible brands go a more obvious route.  For Proctor and Gamble (parent company
of Cover Girl) to choose the down-to-earth talk show host and comedian, who
turns 51 in January and is not typically associated with red carpet glamour, is
a departure from the usual mugs that pop up in cosmetic shilling.  Particularly Cover Girl, which has
always trended towards younger faces—recent endorsers for the brand include Rihanna
and Drew Barrymore—since their target demographic is younger than, for example,

According to this story on
the endorsement deal in AdAge, a Harris Interactive pole listed Ellen as the
most popular celebrity in the United States, edging out the usually untouchable
Oprah.  The Ellen advertising blitz
begins in January, launching in Us Magazine.