You’ve tried all the acne products in the world, and nothing
cures the angry eruptions.  Here
are three low-cost bacteria busters to incorporate into your routine. Do this
religiously for about a month—they will make a difference.

  • Give the bathroom towel a break from your face. Keep a roll
    of paper towels   handy and
    use them to blot your wet face. 
    Using the same towel over and over again spreads bacteria back onto your
    freshly washed face. 
  • Change your pillowcase nightly, or cover your pillow with
    clean paper towels before you go to sleep. While you are sleeping, bacteria
    from your face rubs off on your pillowcase, causing acne to spread to other
  • Use disposable cotton balls to apply your makeup.  OK, this one may cost a few bucks
    because you will need to replace your old makeup. When you apply makeup to your
    face, and then dip the same applicator back into the makeup, you are also
    applying acne bacteria back into the product, which then gets spread onto your
    face the next time you use it. Use a clean cotton ball to apply makeup and do
    not double dip.  Get new cotton if
    you need to apply more pigment.