While flipping through the cable news channels right after
the RNC adjourned, I noticed a huge crowd had amassed behind the Fox News
bobble-heads, giving a nice sampling of the RNC crowd. Basically, it was awash
with doughy, pasty-white male faces with a few Stepford wives sprinkled
around—their teased hair, plastered makeup and pastel suits time warped me back
to 1987.  The visual image the
Republicans conveyed was curmudgeonly and out of touch.  It definitely looked like the political
party of my grandfather.



Considering celebrity rag US Weekly has devoted recent
covers to hot political stories— this week forgoing rehabbing sex addict David
Duchovny for Sarah Palin on the cover slot—political consultants may want to
examine the visual image their party is projecting.


With the sheer photogenic hipness displayed during last
week’s DNC, I think the dems may bring it on home come November.