A new post over at the Lucky Magazine Beauty Blog caught my
eye. Apparently, an editor over there is having great luck with a skin care
regime that, she says, completely cleared up her acne.  On first glance, it looked ok.  I felt like she was over-exfoliating a
bit, between a mechanical method (i.e. a scrub) at night and a chemical method
(peeling agent) in the morning. But to each her own, some skin can handle a
little roughing up.  Mine,
personally, cannot.

But then I caught her caution that one of the products she
uses has a tendency to “eat your face off.”  TheSkinReport is not a fan of face eating products!

She was referencing Clinique Emergency Gel Lotion.  In my opinion, Clinique products have
always tended towards the mild, so I was a little shocked by her caution. Why
was this product eating her face? 
I investigated her product choices.

It appears that her combination of Glycolix (a product that
contains a 5% glycolic peeling agent mixed with 2% salicylic acid) with the
Clinique Emergency Gel Lotion (with an active ingredient of 5% benzoyl
peroxide) is most likely the face-eating culprit.

In school, we were taught never EVER to mix salicylic acid
and benzoyl peroxide—it is simply way too irritating for the skin to take both
exfoliants at the same time. In terms of using SA or BP, it is really a
personal choice and what works best for you.

Generally speaking, if your acne tends to be more pussy in
nature, the SA is a great choice since it will go after the oil. If it is a
question of pimples that never really become pussy (like whiteheads or pimples
that never create a “head”), you are probably better off using BP. You can also
use one product in the morning and another at night—you just cannot use them
right on top of each other.  For
example, this editor could simply move her application of the Clinique
Emergency Gel Lotion to her evening routine.  This would cut down significantly on any face eating that’s
going on.

As much as it seems fun and frivolous, beauty writing is not
easy—there are always so many new products and ingredients flooding the market
and you are writing for hundreds or thousands of different skin types. So if
you are reading advice (hell, even MY advice) always follow it with
caution.  And if you see a product
recommendation followed by a warning that it will “eat your face off,” you may
want to look elsewhere for skincare opinions.