I guess someone’s privates felt neglected with only a lone
bar of Irish Spring in the shower. This enterprising chap decided to create Man
Junk Intimate Wash
, the first intimate body wash for men.

According to the Man Junk website, their unique formula
address “the specific (sic) needs of the
male anatomy.”  Their press release
states that poor male hygiene can lead to “inflammation, bacteria build up, STD
transmission and even the increased risk of penile cancer.”  Hmmm.

It’s one thing if a guy wants his bobbly bits
to smell great, but any soap can take care of bacteria build-up. In terms of
inflammation, if you are a sensitive type of guy, harsher body soaps could lead
to skin irritation in an area that is prone to chaffing.  But protects against STDs and penile
cancer? I would call that a bit of a reach.

Since I am not a guy, I called manly man husband to get his

“Hey, babe, it’s me. Do you ever think about penile cancer?”

“Not until you bring it up. Why?” he asked.

“Do you want to try a new product called Man Junk?
It’s a body wash for your…”

“Jeeze, would you hurry up and get a spa job already? I have
a lot going on at work today,” he sounds exasperated.  “Don’t forget we are picking up the cat today.” CLICK.

OK! Guess that saves us 25 bucks!