This tidbit of info comes my
way from the Journal of Investigative Dermatology via

Researchers at Rutgers
University applied 4 different types of moisturizers to rats and then exposed
them to UVB rays. The results? Anywhere from 24 – 95 percent increases in
non-melanoma tumors (i.e. basil cell and squamous cell carcinoma) depending on
the product used.  This is leading
researchers to conclude that certain ingredients are causing higher risk levels
when exposed to UVB rays.  They are
speculating that sodium lauryl sulfate and mineral oil could be the cause of
the carcinoma surge.51V4WMZQQTL._SL160_

Of course, research is
always on-going and this theory could change next week. (For an interesting
read on the perils of epidemiology, I highly recommend
Gary Taube’s insightful
New York Times Magazine piece
Do We Really Know What Makes Us Healthy?) Clearly
more investigating needs to be done.

That said, it is one more
reason why I am pretty stoked that my Blue Lizard Sensitive Suncream SPF 30 5 fl oz. sun block is my go-to daytime
moisture cream, which I will continue to use through the winter months as
well.  Time to stock up!