I adopt a lot of animals. My
latest adoptee is Mercy, a beautiful 2-year-old Rottweiler that I found at the
local shelter. She is just about the perfect dog—loving, loyal, friendly.  But, she has a thing about poop.

We could not figure out why
Mercy did not follow her adopted brother Elvis out the doggie door and into the
yard.  If we opened the door for
her, she ran in the opposite direction. 
When we finally pushed her out, she would sit right outside the door,
imploring with sad brown eyes to let her back in. She refused go about her
business outside and waited until we weren’t looking to relieve herself in the

I now have to do scheduled
“potty walks” with Mercy to keep the house pee and poop free. That’s when I
started noticing some peculiar things. She won’t pee or crap in front of the
house EVER.  No matter how bad she
has to go, she waits until we get to the corner. And when she does finally
poop, she runs away like a bat out of hell when she is finished.  One time, the poop bag dangled a little
close to her nose and she jumped back as fast as a rabbit, which is saying
something because she is quite languid.31MTYKW2SEL._SL500_AA200_

My big old Rottweiler, a
breed that inspires (unfounded) fear in so many by sheer size, strength and The Omen, is a girly-girl. 
How incongruous it is to her Rottie image to be so…  Well, feminine! 

Which brings me to this
amazing shaving cream,
Created for men, any woman with delicate legs and armpits who longs for
a closer, more comfortable shave should keep a supply in the shower.  The cream, a staple of fine barbers in
Italy for over fifty years, is non-irritating, non-drying and leaves behind a
light, lingering scent of eucalyptus. 
So while the no-frills packaging screams masculine, the product itself
is highly girly-worthy.