I spent a good portion of last week literally pounding the
pavement looking for a job. Apparently in this industry, you don’t email the
old resume off.  You actually hit
the streets and hand-drop resumes. 
So that’s what I did. Since I had to do it in attire that looked
professional (i.e. not yoga pants and flip flops), it just about killed my

I have blisters all over both of my heels and on my toes.
The backs of my ankles are completely chewed up.  Last night I was in agony over my ankles. If they even
brushed up against the sheet, I was writhing in pain. 

This is supposed to be the point where I come up with some
spectacularly sexy product to fix my problem. But honestly, it was Midnight, I
was exhausted and getting worried that the ouch-factor meant that the wounds were
getting infected.  So I took out the
old Neosporin (with pain reliever!) and slathered it on the damaged areas.  At the very least, the pain subsided
and I was able to fall asleep.