Although I returned from my way-too-short beach getaway over
three weeks ago, my head is still buried in the sand. Not only was fun and
relaxing to just hang out and build sand castles with my husband and daughter,
but it was the best beauty long-weekend ever. 

I already blogged about my shockingly great skin upon
return, and now I am pining away for gorgeously messy beach-tousled hair. I
just love how the salt water—hell, even just the humidity from the salt water—makes
my hair feel thicker and imparts a nice loose curl without any frizz.  It doesn’t require any effort to create
or any product to hold in the look. It just kind of materializes and
stays.  Honestly, I think I washed
my hair once in the four days we were gallivanting in the Atlantic Ocean. I was
not going to part with my beach hair.

I must pick up a new bottle of Bumble and Bumble’s salty
stand-by Surf Spray. It does mimic the salt-water-and-sea-air texture of hair
after a day at the beach, but overuse can dry hair out, particularly if you
chemically process. But for a once or twice a week dose of sexy surfer hair
when you can’t get to the shore, it does the trick.