Ever since I was a teen, I have had horrendous dark circles under my eyes, which are more of a product of genetics than lack of sleep. I am so used to having them now that when I attempt to cover over with concealer, I actually hate my de-circled look.  But when the fine lines started cropping up, along with morning puffiness, I got pissed.  No need to call any more attention to my darkened sockets.Prod_eye

I have never been a fan of eye creams—they felt overly greasy. Plus, I would inevitably get it in my eye, which would follow with a good 30 minutes or so of tearing, leading to redness, puffiness, etc, etc. Basically, all the stuff I was trying to combat would be exacerbated.

A school chum of mine, who works at Ohm Spa, recommended the Plantogen Corrective Eye Gel.Plantogen was one of the lines we worked with at school and, full disclosure, I am not a fan (too fragrant and irritating for my sensitive skin). I decided to try it on her recommendation. Plantogen does not agree with her skin either, so I figured if the gel didn’t kick her skin into inflammation gear, I might be ok.

Happily, it is the one Plantogen product I can get behind.  The eye gel is soothing and cooling and, since it’s a gel, completely grease-less. It contains witch hazel, an anti-inflammatory that shrinks swollen tissues, so it reduces puffiness. It also has green tea as an anti-oxidant and uses aloe as the moisturizing base.

To avoid a 30-minute tear session, here is an application trick.  Use your pinky finger to dot a line of the product from the outside corner of your eye working towards the inner. Since the largest glob of the product is in the initial application, you want to keep that away from the tricky inner corner, where most eye product mishaps happen.  To spread, use your ring finger (which is the finger with the lightest touch) to gently pat it into the skin. Avoid rubbing (and stretching the skin) on such a delicate area.