A lot of beauty experts poo-poo them, but I love
toners.  The right toner simply
energizes my skin and clears my head. 
It’s an instant pick-me-up.  The arguments rage on about the effectiveness of toner to rebalance
the skin’s pH, but my feeling is a balanced acid mantle is just an added
bonus.  I love to spritz a bit
throughout the day to give my face (and my psyche) a lift.

My new toner obsession is Fresh’s Rose Marigold Floral
, which I bought by default. I have always wanted to try Fresh products,
but their price tag has kept me far, far away (some of their products are in
the Crème de la Mer range). When I saw their floral water for $35 at Bigelow, a
number not that far out of my usual toner range, I decided to give it a try. I am hooked.

Light, cool and refreshing, it makes my skin feel completely
soft and hydrated after a light mist. 
I was a little worried about a floral scent being too cloying, but it is
so subtle that I have caught my manly-man husband giving his own face a few squirts.