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Anyone who loves vintage makeup glamour should point and
click their way to Besame Cosmetics. Influenced by the Art Deco movement and
inspired by classic beauty icons like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, Besame’s luminescent
cosmetics come complete with stunning retro packaging.  Now is a good time to try them out.  They are having a fab sale, with just
about everything priced at $6.


A new post over at the Lucky Magazine Beauty Blog caught my
eye. Apparently, an editor over there is having great luck with a skin care
regime that, she says, completely cleared up her acne.  On first glance, it looked ok.  I felt like she was over-exfoliating a
bit, between a mechanical method (i.e. a scrub) at night and a chemical method
(peeling agent) in the morning. But to each her own, some skin can handle a
little roughing up.  Mine,
personally, cannot.

But then I caught her caution that one of the products she
uses has a tendency to “eat your face off.”  TheSkinReport is not a fan of face eating products!

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I guess someone’s privates felt neglected with only a lone
bar of Irish Spring in the shower. This enterprising chap decided to create Man
Junk Intimate Wash
, the first intimate body wash for men.

According to the Man Junk website, their unique formula
address “the specific (sic) needs of the
male anatomy.”  Their press release
states that poor male hygiene can lead to “inflammation, bacteria build up, STD
transmission and even the increased risk of penile cancer.”  Hmmm.

It’s one thing if a guy wants his bobbly bits
to smell great, but any soap can take care of bacteria build-up. In terms of
inflammation, if you are a sensitive type of guy, harsher body soaps could lead
to skin irritation in an area that is prone to chaffing.  But protects against STDs and penile
cancer? I would call that a bit of a reach.

Since I am not a guy, I called manly man husband to get his

“Hey, babe, it’s me. Do you ever think about penile cancer?”

“Not until you bring it up. Why?” he asked.

“Do you want to try a new product called Man Junk?
It’s a body wash for your…”

“Jeeze, would you hurry up and get a spa job already? I have
a lot going on at work today,” he sounds exasperated.  “Don’t forget we are picking up the cat today.” CLICK.

OK! Guess that saves us 25 bucks!

Fate works in mysterious ways.  Just after this item posted, I found out my husband’s cat
has to get his leg amputated.  We
can barely afford the limb removal (thanks, Visa, you are everywhere I need to
be!) so I don’t think we will be stem-celling the kitty.

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Damn there are some good stories floating around today!

Check this one out from Wired about using stem cells to regenerate human muscle and bone. Vets have apparently been doing it to horses for sometime now, with some amazing results.  One of the vets cited has a horse jumping in the Olympics who had the procedure done.

I have been reading a fascinating book, The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, on a similar topic–regeneration and electromagnetism. It's a scientific doozy though so I am only about 2 chapters in. But so far I am familiar with how a salamander can regrow limbs.

The New York Times' Science section was a good read this morning.

First, there is an article by Nicholas Bakalar on scientifically proven wrinkle reducers here, based on a study in The Archives of Dermatology, with a good explanation on what fibroblasts do and info on the enzyme matrix metalloproteinase, which basically eats your damaged collagen, which stimulates the fibroblasts to create more (good) collagen.  

Next, Tara Parker-Pope tackles the question of fat and fit vs. skinny and unfit, citing an interesting study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association. It basically looked at the BMI of individuals (in my opinion, a flawed test of fit vs. fat) and saw some surprising results in people with a BMI of 25 – 30 (which is considered "overweight").  My reason for citing this piece is that the impact of "fat" on your skin is pretty striking. The layer of "fat tissue" (or, more scientifically accurate and way more polite, adipose tissue) gives the skin shape and contour.  If you have no fat tissue on your body, guess what?  Your skin is going to start to sag.  While I do not advise eating an entire cheesecake every day, I think that a little chub goes a long way in giving skin a lift.

I honestly did not want to get into the Madonna fray, but if the pop-diva ate a few french fries once in while, her face may look a little fresher (without resorting to surgical enhancements).

This tidbit of info comes my
way from the Journal of Investigative Dermatology via

Researchers at Rutgers
University applied 4 different types of moisturizers to rats and then exposed
them to UVB rays. The results? Anywhere from 24 – 95 percent increases in
non-melanoma tumors (i.e. basil cell and squamous cell carcinoma) depending on
the product used.  This is leading
researchers to conclude that certain ingredients are causing higher risk levels
when exposed to UVB rays.  They are
speculating that sodium lauryl sulfate and mineral oil could be the cause of
the carcinoma surge.51V4WMZQQTL._SL160_

Of course, research is
always on-going and this theory could change next week. (For an interesting
read on the perils of epidemiology, I highly recommend
Gary Taube’s insightful
New York Times Magazine piece
Do We Really Know What Makes Us Healthy?) Clearly
more investigating needs to be done.

That said, it is one more
reason why I am pretty stoked that my Blue Lizard Sensitive Suncream SPF 30 5 fl oz. sun block is my go-to daytime
moisture cream, which I will continue to use through the winter months as
well.  Time to stock up!

I adopt a lot of animals. My
latest adoptee is Mercy, a beautiful 2-year-old Rottweiler that I found at the
local shelter. She is just about the perfect dog—loving, loyal, friendly.  But, she has a thing about poop.

We could not figure out why
Mercy did not follow her adopted brother Elvis out the doggie door and into the
yard.  If we opened the door for
her, she ran in the opposite direction. 
When we finally pushed her out, she would sit right outside the door,
imploring with sad brown eyes to let her back in. She refused go about her
business outside and waited until we weren’t looking to relieve herself in the

I now have to do scheduled
“potty walks” with Mercy to keep the house pee and poop free. That’s when I
started noticing some peculiar things. She won’t pee or crap in front of the
house EVER.  No matter how bad she
has to go, she waits until we get to the corner. And when she does finally
poop, she runs away like a bat out of hell when she is finished.  One time, the poop bag dangled a little
close to her nose and she jumped back as fast as a rabbit, which is saying
something because she is quite languid.31MTYKW2SEL._SL500_AA200_

My big old Rottweiler, a
breed that inspires (unfounded) fear in so many by sheer size, strength and The Omen, is a girly-girl. 
How incongruous it is to her Rottie image to be so…  Well, feminine! 

Which brings me to this
amazing shaving cream,
Created for men, any woman with delicate legs and armpits who longs for
a closer, more comfortable shave should keep a supply in the shower.  The cream, a staple of fine barbers in
Italy for over fifty years, is non-irritating, non-drying and leaves behind a
light, lingering scent of eucalyptus. 
So while the no-frills packaging screams masculine, the product itself
is highly girly-worthy.


NYC icon Amanda Lepore has created a new line of cosmetics
for the Chicago-based CAMP Cosmetics.

One of the most famous faces in NYC nightlife, Amanda is the
first transsexual to have her own makeup line.  The limited edition line, which consists of a lipstick,
cheek color and an eye palate, is available on CAMP’s website beginning on September
1. It will expand into CAMP’s Chicago-area retail locations in early 2009.

Check out the collection here. I love the red lipstick! The saturated red screams 1950s glam.

I spent a good portion of last week literally pounding the
pavement looking for a job. Apparently in this industry, you don’t email the
old resume off.  You actually hit
the streets and hand-drop resumes. 
So that’s what I did. Since I had to do it in attire that looked
professional (i.e. not yoga pants and flip flops), it just about killed my

I have blisters all over both of my heels and on my toes.
The backs of my ankles are completely chewed up.  Last night I was in agony over my ankles. If they even
brushed up against the sheet, I was writhing in pain. 

This is supposed to be the point where I come up with some
spectacularly sexy product to fix my problem. But honestly, it was Midnight, I
was exhausted and getting worried that the ouch-factor meant that the wounds were
getting infected.  So I took out the
old Neosporin (with pain reliever!) and slathered it on the damaged areas.  At the very least, the pain subsided
and I was able to fall asleep.