Decent piece by Natasha Singer in the New York Times today about dermatologists offering preferred treatment (and faster appointments) to
cosmetic enhancement patients.  It
relates the story of a Dallas woman who went to a derm to check a suspicious
mole on her foot. The derm took two minutes to look at the mole and tell her it
was nothing, then proceeded to try to sell her from his product line. The
woman, being a smart cookie, sought a second opinion.  The mole turned out to be a melanoma.  NICE.

When clients with a potentially life threatening disease
like cancer are given short shrift because the MD can make more off of Botox,
there is something extremely wrong. Patients with conditions that require a
doctor’s care, like cancer, psoriasis and even cystic acne, should be able to
see an attentive physician in a timely manner.

Scroll through the comments.  Amazing to see how tough it’s been for many people to get a
timely appointment for real medical concerns.