After over two months of studying anatomy, chemistry, cosmetic chemistry and skin disorders, I am finally into my practical program at school. Which means less homework! Now I can (hopefully) keep up with the blogging.

Since I am finally back after a hiatus, I thought it would be apropos to discuss… Backs! Specifically back breakouts.

Back acne literally sneaks up behind you. Since we are usually blissfully ignorant of our rear view, it’s an area that tends to get neglected. Until you start digging out the summer tank tops and camis and realize that you have an acne explosion. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my upper back was covered with those nasty little eruptions.

Back breakouts are most likely a combination of two things: lack of exfoliation and cleanser—either in the form of soap or shampoo run off—reacting with the skin.

Armed with an exfoliating bath towel from the Asian supermarket (and for 2 bucks, those things rock!) and my daughter’s California Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, I faithfully scrubbed my back after I was done washing and conditioning my hair.

Yhst83878190403399_2001_8918891 Now if shampoo was the culprit, why use more shampoo on the affected area? Because baby shampoo is formulated for “no more tears,” which means that its pH is as close to neutral as possible to keep from burning the eyes. Shampoos, soaps and cleansers are detergents (with a more alkaline pH), which strip away the skin’s natural oil in addition to the dirt and grime. If we over strip the oil from our skin, acne can form.

Within a week, the acne began to dry out. By the end of week two, the acne explosion was finally under control.