I am not much of a lipstick girl. I have a tendency to mash my lips together, which causes any color to smear unappealingly way past my lip-line. I also bite them, and lipstick leaves a not-so-nice flavor in my mouth. I love lip balms, but have a real talent losing them, so I am constantly in short supply.

The weather on the East Coast over the past few days caused my lips to dry out, and, of course, I was caught without balm. Last night I felt the tell-tale tingling sensation that means I am about to get seriously chapped.

So I have a chapped-lip weapon that sits in my medicine cabinet, making it hard to lose. Two items from the Be fine line have saved my lips for the past two winters.

Lip_exfoliator The Lip Exfoliator, which uses pineapple enzymes to exfoliate as well as peppermint to soothe.

Lipserum And the Lip Serum, a concoction of Chamomile, beets and palm peptides that help renew collagen, soothe and moisturize while protecting lips from UVA rays.

When I feel the chapped lip sensation, I just exfoliate my lips and then slather on the serum, which does the trick almost instantly. And since Be fine’s products are made from food sources, biting my lips is yummy.