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For the past two weeks we have been studying electricity and its applications for skin. It’s ranged from pretty boring–anyone want to give me the dictionary definition of plug–to downright fascinating. The beauty-speak of ions and electrolytes meant nothing to me all these years–it was just jargon to make something SOUND impressive. But, electricity does have meaning to the body and the skin. Electrolytes, which are made up of ions, regulate the pH levels of the body, and they are extremely important in hydration (this is where osmosis comes in–making sure intracellular and extracellular fluids are balanced). They also play a role in the body’s muscular and nervous systems (which I will be covering in a few weeks).

In terms of beauty treatments, some are more effective than others but each serves a certain purpose and it is not simply snake oil. High frequency machines are germicidal, and perfect for zapping acne post-extractions (to keep post-facial breakouts from occurring). Galvanic currents help with product penetration. Faradic currents (such as those silly “shock” belts that you see on info-mercials that tout a no-exercise solution to weight loss) actually DO exercise the muscles, thereby increasing muscle tone, but you have to use them daily to see any sort of results.

I get to play with some of the machines at school tonight! Fun!


I am not much of a lipstick girl. I have a tendency to mash my lips together, which causes any color to smear unappealingly way past my lip-line. I also bite them, and lipstick leaves a not-so-nice flavor in my mouth. I love lip balms, but have a real talent losing them, so I am constantly in short supply.

The weather on the East Coast over the past few days caused my lips to dry out, and, of course, I was caught without balm. Last night I felt the tell-tale tingling sensation that means I am about to get seriously chapped.

So I have a chapped-lip weapon that sits in my medicine cabinet, making it hard to lose. Two items from the Be fine line have saved my lips for the past two winters.

Lip_exfoliator The Lip Exfoliator, which uses pineapple enzymes to exfoliate as well as peppermint to soothe.

Lipserum And the Lip Serum, a concoction of Chamomile, beets and palm peptides that help renew collagen, soothe and moisturize while protecting lips from UVA rays.

When I feel the chapped lip sensation, I just exfoliate my lips and then slather on the serum, which does the trick almost instantly. And since Be fine’s products are made from food sources, biting my lips is yummy.

I love Hadley Freeman, the Deputy Fashion Editor for The Guardian and (shockingly) a contributing editor to British Vogue. Hadley has zero-tolerance for the usual fashion shenanigans and she’s vocal about it! Her dispatches from London’s Fashion Week are, in a word, brilliant.

Check out her coverage of Paul Smith’s runway show , where she muses on the model who walks like she has a dislocated hip and says that Smith’s coats that look like they belong in your “mad Aunt’s” closet.

She also has a new book out, The Meaning of Sunglasses: And a Guide to Almost All Things Fashionable. I’m buying it!

I see several trends emerging from the Fall 08 runways that are intriguing. The looks are either over-the-top glam-rock or fresh-and-dewy simple. The eyes seem to be the real story—with loads of artists opting for gold or black metallics on the lids. Lips are very muted, with either nude shades or pink stains.

I cannot wait to get a chance to play with some of the new colors (particularly the gold) and techniques, but here are a two of my favorite looks so far, courtesy of

00010m1 Super luxe at Oscar de la Renta. Make up by Pat McGrath. Hair by Orlando Pita. McGrath used a Cover Girl shadow palette that will be in stores in July.

00080m Love this Sharon Tate look at Tuleh. Make up by Polly Osmond, hair by Yannick d Is for Redken.

According to Cosmetics Design, the Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky is cashing in on the celebrity fragrance trend with his own scent, Zhirinovsky for Men.


The article also touches on concerns about backlash over celebrity-endorsed scents, a trend which sent the fragrance market booming over the past decade or so. It quotes Euromonitor senior analyst Diana Dodson saying, “It can be risky to rely on a celebrity’s image, too easily tarnished by today’s ubiquitous media.”

Irony noted.

Daily Candy gets behind (ahem) South Beach Skin Solutions™ Lightening Gel for Sensitive Areas. Yes, someone actually came up with the idea to bleach your asshole. And, yes, they are selling it. For $49.95. They also offer a “money back guarantee.” How does one check to see if the product works as advertised?

Raucous commentary at for good measure.